Your Spring Style Guide –sorted!

Spring has sprung! And while the sun’s still being shy, 2017’s Spring/Summer trends certainly aren’t! The new season has brought with it the boldest, brightest and most ballsy pieces we’ve seen in a long time. Think saturated colour palettes, arresting prints, daring cut-outs and rule-breaking mix ‘n’ match – these clothes and accessories will brighten even the dullest of days!

Here are three big trends that can’t be ignored, and where to get them at Monks Cross.

Saturated colours

Wear the rainbow, and plenty of it. We’re talking head to toe brightness for that ‘can’t stop looking’ effect. This is all about simple cuts that let the colours do the talking, so from show-stopping red and sunset orange to sapphire blue and outrageous pink – it’s time to go all out.

Topshop’s vivid new range of clothes and accessories are sure to blow away the cobwebs…

Stand-out florals and stripes

The old favourites are back, but not like we’ve seen them before. Unlike the delicate shower of flowers in previous seasons, these prints are packing a punch – they’re theatrical, they’re stormy, and the more you wear of them, the better. Head to toe floral, here we come…

Unsurprisingly, stripes are going nowhere, and this year they’re making a statement. Go high drama with striking lines and full-length pieces, or nod to the trend with a top in subtler stripes, paired with jeans.

For all out prints in eye-catching shapes, take a trip to Monsoon. Or for the slightly more low-key, New Look has it covered.

Mix ‘n’ match

The trick with this is ‘dare to wear’. Mix ‘n’ match pieces are ultra-wearable on their own, but unapologetically theatrical when thrown together. Prefer to add order to the chaos? Stick to one colour palette, or add just a touch of melodrama to the everyday by piling on the ‘look at me’ accessories.

Dress an elegant one or two-piece down with an oversized jacket, à la Primark, pair scruffy with chic at New Look, or mix and match in your own way with metallics from Accessorize.